Diabetes CTU 2016

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00:00:00 Opening Remarks
Dr. Lawrence A. Leiter
Updates in Glycemic Control
00:01:05 National and international guideline updates
Dr. Amir K. Hanna
00:21:32 Individualizing therapy in 2016-2017
Dr. Ronald M. Goldenberg
00:43:42 The dance of two devils: Hypoglycemia and cardiovascular risk
Dr. Subodh Verma
Cardiovascular Safety Trials in Type 2 Diabetes
01:04:39 Completed and ongoing trials with DPP-4 inhibitors
Dr. Lawrence A. Leiter
01:26:02 Completed and ongoing trials with SGLT2 inhibitors
Dr. Bernard Zinman
02:07:26 Explaining the benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists
Dr. Subodh Verma
02:33:58 Plenary Lecture #1: Interleukins and Diabetes: Why should I care?
Dr. Paul M. Ridker
03:11:45 Plenary Lecture #2: Keeping up with a moving BP target
Dr. Philip A. McFarlane
New Clinical Trial Evidence for Special Groups
03:36:06 The diabetic kidney
Dr. David Z. I. Cherney
03:58:09 Obesity treatment: does it move the dial with respect to cardiovascular risk?
Dr. Marie-France Langlois
04:19:22 Front and centre with diabetic dyslipidemia
Dr. Robert A. Hegele
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