Transformative Teachers Presents an Interview with Dr. Thierry Mesana

Learning Objectives

Dr. Thierry Mesana is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and a Professor of Cardiac Surgery with the University of Ottawa. In this session of Transformative Teachers in Medicine, Dr. Mesana shares his journey as one of the leading heart valve surgeons in the world, including:

  • his journey to becoming the CEO of the Ottawa Heart Institute
  • reflections on his training as a cardiac surgeon and how his mentors helped shape his own philosophy of surgery
  • the advantage of having a strong family and how that contributes to his continued success
  • the most rewarding part of his career
  • his views on the future of cardiovascular medicine

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Guest Chair

Sarah Alvarado
Associate Editor & Project Manager
Innovative Therapeutics


Dr. Thierry Mesana
President & Chief Executive Officer, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Professor of Cardiac Surgery, University of Ottawa

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